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TravelInk’d meets the needs of today’s organizations, consumers and media the world over—taking you everywhere you need to be. We embrace social media, story telling and relationship building and we speak the language of both travel and technology, not just PR. So whether you are developing the latest ancillary revenue platform, virtual meetings technology, a new social media app for the travel industry, the latest concierge program to build loyalty for your hotel brand or promoting your destination to the world, TravelInk’d has the visibility solutions to get your company ink. It’s that simple...

To learn more about how we can increase your company's visibility and get your brand to the forefront of your customers' minds, grab your ticket and passport and come visit us at TravelInk'd:

US: +1.305.749.5342
UK: +44.203.372.4809 
AU: +61.411.881.661
CA: +1.416.628.6570

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US: +1.305.749.5342  UK: +44.203.372.4809  AU: +61.411.881.661  CA: +1.416.628.6570
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